A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique® is an integrative methodology that focuses on building and strengthening the body’s immune system with the goal of eliminating allergic responses. A.R.T. is a unique combination of advanced energy medicine and Western technology, working to balance an individual’s energy to allow the immune system to function optimally.

     An individual’s immune system can become overloaded for many reasons, such as infection, environmental toxins, and immunizations. When the immune system is overloaded, it becomes overactive and is in a “heightened state” that triggers an immune response to harmless foods and substances. In other words, the immune response triggers what is commonly referred to as an “allergic reaction.”

Individuals with severe allergies have an over-reactive immune system. The first component of the innovative and unique A.R.T. process is addressing the overloaded immune system in a proprietary protocol. This protocol was developed based on functional health using a Galvanic Skin Response Device. A.R.T. looks at the body’s various systems as a whole to see which systems are stressed. In addition, A.R.T. systematically detects which microorganisms and toxins are creating the stress. A.R.T. also identifies five trigger allergens that habitually create stress in the body and contribute to the heightened immune response. Individualized treatments utilize homeopathy to balance the immune system.

     Along with balancing and strengthening the immune system, A.R.T. has various tools to support the anxiety response in the body. Tapping specific acupuncture points help to reroute the Autonomic Control System and de-activate old scripting. Mantras, vision boards and grateful journals are also utilized to gain insight and shift perspective of the client’s emotional response to anxiety.

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The first visit is a 90 minute appointment. A non-invasive assessment is performed including a general health history and a complete functional health evaluation.  After the pertinent health information has been collected, a functional health evaluation of the immune system using the Galvanic Skin Response Device (GSRD) by International Health Technologies is performed. The GSRD works with meridians: a network of energetic pathways that pass through organs and tissues in the body. Acupuncture points act as windows into the meridian system. When the GSRD is applied to specific acupuncture points, the bio-energetic current travels through meridians and allows A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique® to evaluate which systems are out of balance or stressed.

A detailed assessment on the immune system includes the digestion, lymphatic, hepatic, adrenal and nervous system. The evaluation looks for microorganisms that overload these systems such as bacteria, viruses, candida, mold, parasites, heavy metals and vaccinations. After creating a homeopathic based on the findings, the first of "five trigger allergens" attributing to a heightened immune response will be worked on. All of the five trigger allergens will be worked on extensively in follow up visits.


During the follow up visits, focus will be on continuing to build and strengthen the immune system by looking at the overloads that are still contributing to an imbalance. It takes approximately three to six months to restore balance to the system. The five trigger allergens will be continuously evaluated and worked on as well.

When balance is restored and the immune system is functioning more effectively, a full sensitivity screening of over two hundred foods will be performed. It is important to look at all the underlying food sensitivities that are also contributing to the overloaded immune system before working on the actual diagnosed food allergens.

Once the immune system and all underlying sensitivities are in balance with the body, the known food allergens are stabilized. When this is achieved, the allergen is incrementally and slowly introduced (starting on the skin), then graduating to carefully supported, incrementally increased ingestion. Length of treatment varies based on several contributing factors such as past exposure, how the body responds, severity of allergies and overall anxiety around the food allergy. Each food allergen is worked on in isolation so as not to over-stress the body.

It is important to understand that the success of Allergy Release Technique depends on a true commitment to the process so that immune support and food introduction are done consistently and thoroughly. In order for this technique to work, a commitment to come to a weekly 30 minute appointment is imperative.

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